Does your bottle break

Yes, of course it does. But our bottle is protected with a blue basket. Also if it breaks or if it’s damaged in any way we will replace it, no charge no questions asked. 


Does your bottle work on regular top load coolers?

Yes, but we recommend that you use a bottom load cooler. Our bottle and all other bottles in the market are 19kg, which is too heavy to top load.

Where does your water come from? Is it regular tap water?

No it’s not tap water, our water comes from an aquifer well from Um Albasateen. It’s the best water well in Jordan per actual data and evaluations from many independent agencies over many years. 

What is the TDS of your water?

The water is ready to drink out of the well, but we purify it and reduce its Total Dissolved  Solids(TDS) to approximately 120. TDS 120 is recommended by many experts for all age groups.

Is you water alkaline or acidic

Our water is neither alkaline or acidic, it’s balanced or natural. The best pH level for drinking water sits right in the middle at a 7.0 

What are e-coupons, how do I know you're keeping track of my pre purchase refills?

When you purchased your e-coupons you will get a message, and after every delivery you will get a message. In the message you will see; bottles delivered, payment received, cash balance, and refill balance. It’s no different than your bank account. Easy, accurate, and green.

I like your paperless e-coupons, but does it expire?

Our e-coupons do not expire.

What is your policy if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime. We will buy-back the bottles at the published price, now JD14.5. However, the prepaid e-coupons are not refundable but they are transferable.