About Clara Water


CLARA Water is a company based in Amman. Today, our water comes from Um Al Basateen, the finest source of water available in Jordan. We use the best manufacturing technologies from the United States and Canada to produce and deliver healthy drinking water. To make sure our water arrives safe to our customers at the same quality as when it leaves our factory, we use glass. Glass is a guaranteed method for drinking water to get to you with zero risk of being contaminated along the way.


To use the latest in water manufacturing technologies in producing healthy drinking water and deliver it to our customers in glass. Our company will operate in a green environment with superior customer service at its core.

Community Message

We help our community by promoting glass over plastic. CLARA Water is a green company, we use the most fuel efficient environmentally friendly manufacturing equipment and delivery vehicles available. We are committed to never using plastic for bottling water.

What inside

Mineral composition

Total Hardness55